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2018 Exhibition Schedule

Solo Booth- ABSTRACTS. The Other Art Fair- LA. Downtown Los Angeles. USA. March 15-18th. 2018.

Group Show- The City. Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery. London. UK. May. 2018.

Solo Show- New Yorkers. Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery. New York. USA. August. 2018.


2017 Exhibition Schedule

Art Fair- Affordable Art fair Singapore. Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery. Singapore. SG. 17th-19nd November. 2017.

Art Fair- Affordable Art fair Battersea. Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery. London. UK. 19th-22nd October. 2017.

Solo Show- Eastern Suburbs. Saint Cloche. 37 MacDonald St, Paddington. Sydney. AU. 24th May - 4th June. 2017.

Solo Booth- The Other Art Fair. The Facility. 2 Chelmsford St, Kensington. Melbourne. AU 4th-7th May. 2017.



TYRONE LAYNE | A Move into Abstraction. 2018.

Late 2017 I made a brave move into large abstract paintings. With a strong interest in the New York school of abstract expressionist artists from the 50s and 60s, I used the likes of De Kooning as a starting point.

I’ve been working on big canvases 6ft x 5ft. The large format allows me the space to paint with action, rhythm, and freedom of expression through colour, forms, and bold brush strokes. Building up textured layers of oil paint.

I see them as a new journey, searching the unknown through automatic drawings of my imagination. New ideas span from each painting, which I will carry forward into the next.

Although I have tried to abandon recognizable forms, I still have a sense of figurative and landscape elements coming out of the abstract shapes and marks. In a way, a lot of the work has become a form of surrealist landscape. I see them as a representation of the uncertainty of modern times, a portrait of current or future societies.

My first exhibition of this new series will be at The Other Art Fair in Downtown Los Angeles 15th-18th March 2018.





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